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How Perspective Can Change Your 2016

Cory Cole

Happy post-Christmas/pre-New Year’s time!

I hope everyone’s been enjoying time with family and friends; I definitely have!
I am also really excited because we leave for Nicaragua in 4 DAYS!! Please keep us in your prayers as we travel to Managua on Friday, and also pray as we have camp next week! This week, I feel very inspired to share with you Swamp Blog readers some thoughts I’ve been having and what I’ve been learning in my quiet times as I prepare for the New Year!

Perspective can be incredibly powerful in one of two ways; it can limit your way of thinking and keep you stuck between a rock and hard place, or it can liberate you from that.
Recently, my mind and my thoughts have mostly been consumed with negative thoughts, frustration with myself and others and discontentment. And it has now come to a point where I am pretty much annoying myself with it. I was watching this video a couple weeks ago where a person was describing how they deal with the issues of life. This person was saying that you can talk about all the things going wrong in your life all day long, whether they are your fault or someone else’s. At the end of the day, yes, that’s very unfortunate…but what are you going to do about?

I’ve been throwing that question around in my head ever since I watched that video, and I’m now figuring out how important the answer to that question is. It isn’t as simple as “get over it,” but when things aren’t going my way, I need to come to terms with the truth. And how my feelings about something don’t necessarily reflect the truth. I need to see a situation for what it truly is, not how I feel about it. And that’s where perspective becomes liberating.

This all sounds very vague, so I’ll give you an example. I really value friendship, it is not something I take lightly. I also take things very personally. So when I feel offended or wronged by someone, I could easily tell myself, “people don't care about you.” As easy as it is to say that, where is that mindset going to get me? Nowhere. That’ll just leave bitterness in my heart where God intended love to be. What I need to do is take a step back and not look at it from my perspective. People are imperfect, that doesn’t mean they purposefully do things to hurt my feelings. So rather than putting the blame on others all the time and sulking in bitterness, I should look at it all through a different lens.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about what we want to invest in during 2016, I think this is what I want to invest in. I want to invest in daily resolutions instead of daily complaints. Everything around me could come crashing down, everyone could disappoint me, I could disappoint myself, but at the end of the day, I need to ask myself, what am I going to do about it?

Thanks for again for reading the blog, guys! Keep Nicaragua in your prayers! And to those of you attending Holidays at The Swamp this week, get pumped for a fun-packed couple days with friends, new and old! And if you haven’t registered, it’s not too late! The retreat starts in 3 days! Sign up here!

Until next year ;)

CORY ...

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