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Why We Weren't Ready to Leave Nicaragua

Cory Cole

Happy New Year!

I hope you guys have all had an amazing first couple of weeks of 2016; I know I have! The Nicaragua Swamp Corps team got back to Atlanta yesterday afternoon, but our hearts were still in Managua with the amazing disciples and children we spent time with there! ...

How do I even sum up 11 days of one of the best camp experiences many of us have ever been a part of? The week was packed full of laughter and fun, eye-opening Bible classes, non-stop dancing, the best love letter readings in camp history, and the beauty of new friendships!

A total of 83 campers from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica attended the 6-day camp in Managua last week. For nearly all the campers (and counselors) it was their first experiences with going to camp. I can confidently say they did not go home disappointed last Friday.

...A classic camp challenge...
......and a history-making consequence!

For me, I'd say camp in Nicaragua was nothing short of success. The campers and counselors were so in on The Swamp culture, whether it was dancing after meals, doing challenges and consequences with their teams, and of course DODGEBALL. Seeing these campers experience camp for the first time showed me what pure joy looks like, and it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Even more beautiful than the mountains and singing birds and breathtaking sky we were surrounded by daily.


It is honestly difficult to truly capture in words how impactful and amazing our trip to Nicaragua was. If you haven't seen The Swamp Corps Blog page, check it out to hear from campers and counselors about their experiences during camp. And if that isn't convincing enough, we also had some really cool and talented videographers with us documenting everything going on at camp. Here is a highlight video that Kevin and Drew made for us to share, and it is definitely worth watching!

Thanks for reading about our amazing experience in Nicaragua! These past couple days I have felt overwhelmed with gratitude for being able to go on this trip. I hope that everyone can experience the joy it is to work with youth camp, here and abroad! Only another 354 days until Nicaragua Camp 2017! :) Until next week,


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