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Cory Cole

Hello Swamp Blog readers! I hope this Monday for you all is filled with relaxation, more time with loved ones and yummy Christmas Day leftovers! On an even brighter note, today is the last Monday of 2016. How crazy is that?! We are a blink of an eye away from the New Year. That being said, there's a lot to reflect on as we begin our last week of the year.


I think a couple of you out there can relate when I say that I am ready to shed off the weight and struggle of 2016 and dance my way into the joyous arrival of 2017. But I can't do so without taking a moment to reflect on what 2016 truly taught me. I definitely encourage you to set aside some time to do the same! Something I've always enjoyed sharing and revisiting with you Swamp Blog readers is the theme of peace. In a blog post from about four months ago, I shared with you guys about God's peace that surpasses our understanding and how that's something I wanted to focus on (click here to read about it!) Looking back on 2016, what I've really learned about the peace that God provides is that it's really the only peace of mind that gets me through life.

In times of hardship and stress, in suffering and in grief, the times I felt most at peace of mind was when I was relying on God. Over Winter Break, I had a lot of time to unwind coming off of a really stressful semester. I used my time in various ways, but I know for a fact that the time I spent on my relationship with God gave me more comfort and rest than the mindless and numbing activities. Spending hours on social media, watching Netflix, or laying around the house may have been gratifying in the moment, but the times spent in my Bible, in nature, in silence listening for God, those were times of healing and contentment.


We celebrate the holiday season surrounding Christmas thinking about Jesus's birth and the peace on Earth he brought. But what I've never really grasped is that God's peace is everywhere and in everything forever. The peace that Jesus gave to the Earth in his time here is the same peace that we can have everyday in prayer and in our times of worshipping God. We can have peace in our trials and tribulations, and we can have peace in our times of rest.

Thanks for reading! As the end of 2016 approaches, take the time to reflect on what this year has taught you, and please, share with others! That's the beauty of having people in our lives, to share, learn and grow together! Next Monday's blog will be coming at you from Managua, Nicaragua as we go into Year 2 of camp there! Prayers for safe travel (and no snakes or breaks) are much appreciated!

There's still time to register for Holidays At The Swamp before it kicks off on Friday, click here to sign up!

Until next year ;)


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