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Hi Swamp Blog Readers!!

I hope you're having a wonderful day! First off, I want to remind you about H@TS (Holidays at the Swamp) coming up on December 29th. This is going to be a great time of fellowship and fun before the upcoming new year. A link to details and registration will be at the bottom of the page.

Two weekends ago, Swamp held its annual Father Son Retreat. The theme was "Revolution," and the fathers and sons got to do some pretty fun revolution-themed activities, including shooting muskets and throwing hatchets, as well as learn from some awesome lessons. To help tell you all about it, I asked a father and son who went to tell me about their experience!

Chip & Cameron Tanner, Charlotte, NC

1.) What is something you learned that really impacted you or something that you did and really enjoyed at the Father Son Retreat?

Chip Tanner, Father:

"The theme was Revolution. For us, the weekend started with a walk on Friday night and looking at the amazing sky filled with stars. We just stopped and prayed for the weekend and prayed that God would be seen and would help us to revolutionize our relationship with him and each other. Through our time together, we were able to discuss the questions put out for us during the meals and to really understand more about how each of us see things differently and to appreciate those differences. Cameron is not me and I am proud of that. He has become his own man and I am excited to see his desire to do God's will. We got a chance to study Ecclesiastes on both mornings and learn about what is really important. Camp Swamp allows those conversations to happen.

Thank You Camp Swamp for 10 Years of Father/Son weekends. For those, we are eternally grateful."

Cameron Tanner, Son:

"I learned an abundance from my dad, but the most important thing I learn, every year, is the love my dad has for God, me, and my family. That's something that is so important to me."

2.) Why is it so important to you guys to take time out to go to the Father Son Retreat?

Chip Tanner, Father:

"The Father/Son weekend is a great time to bond. We have been to most of the 10 Father/Son retreats. To see my son, Cameron, grow into a man who loves God has been amazing and Camp Swamp is a very integral part of that journey. Even now, with him in college, it is a time to hit the pause button on the fast paced life and spend time with each other. We are able to go to the 'Slice of Heaven on Earth' and spend time with the other Fathers and Sons and see the years of relationships that have been built through these wonderful weekends."

Cameron Tanner, Son:

"Speaking as an older son, both of your lives are very demanding, and you don't know how much time you have together. it's also a good time to ask questions that should be asked. The deepest conversations I've had with my dad were at father-son, and every answer has been something that I didn't expect my dad to say. I believe it's also another excuse to get to swamp as well."

How encouraging it is to hear about such special bonds being built and maintained through the Father Son Retreat! Thanks to the Tanners for sharing why the Father Son is important to them.

Also, speaking of retreats, you can sign up for H@TS HERE! And, make sure you read next week's blog to find out 10 reasons you should come to H@TS!!

Until next time!

Much Love & Respect, Julie

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