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Cory Cole

Hello Swamp Blog readers! I hope this blog post finds you all well-rested and ready to end the school year on a strong note! (For those of us in college, finals are over and we're not complaining about it :)) I know these last couple weeks in May will be busy for everyone, especially the staff at The Swamp! Everybody is working hard and getting excited for what's in store this summer at camp! Pray for no snakes and no breaks ;)


Its been about six months now since I started writing The Swamp Blog, and it has been what I consider to be an honor and a privilege. I'm sure you'll see a blog post or two over the summer from me, but once camp starts, the camp blog will be filled with daily recounts from campers of their experiences at camp that day! So definitely be on the look out for those!

Below are some favorite camper blog posts from last summer!

Seeing God In A New Way
Hi my name is Helen, this is my 8th year at camp. I come back year after year because my experience at camp is like no other. Every year i gain a new friendship and grow so much closer to God in so many ways. The swamp is a second home to me and i wouldn't want to spend a week of my summer anywhere else :-) through all the friendship bracelets to the starlight devo, Swamp Camp is a great place to meet new people and see God in ways i never have before.
-Helen Abernethy (14 yrs old)
The Flash of the Future ("it just sounds catchy")
A few of my favorite things about the Swamp are:
The pool
GaGa Ball
Making friends
Sleeping on the top bunk

This is a whole different galaxy. I love it here.
- Geremey Ponteau (9 yrs old)
Favorite Place To Be
Swamp is literally a piece of heaven. It is a place full of love, peace, and safety. While I am here, I feel really close to God and away from sin. This week I really felt the love of God, especially as we talked about how He puts us in the right place at the right time. I feel extremely comforted by the fact that He is always with me. I love the Swamp because of the spiritual factor but I will never forget the fun that I have here. Throwing the football, playing GaGa Ball, making friendship bracelets, or just hanging with friends. This place is one of my favorite places to be and I will never forget the memories I make here.
- Raquel Murdock (14 yrs old)

I'll definitely miss writing the blog on a weekly basis! Every week in deciding what to write about and finding pictures to share, The Swamp is always on my mind and in my heart. Getting responses from some of you in The Swamp community has connected all of us back to the relationships we build at camp and the values that make camp such a special place. I'm grateful that I've been able to take part in this experience, it has truly been a privilege!

Next week, we will get a preview of the theme for summer camp this week, so be sure to check out the blog post next Monday!

Until next week,


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