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The Ring of Honor

Cory Cole

So I’ve been writing this blog about 3 months now and I honestly think I’ve told you guys what my favorite thing about The Swamp is every time that response is prompted. And I have probably given a different answer each time! There are just a lot of things I really like about that place! But this week there is one devotional in particular that I feel really compelled to share about with you guys! And that is the Ring of Honor.

Thursday nights are hands down my favorite night of the week, and its not because of the bonfire with s’mores. After a little evening dodge ball, the guys and girls split up to have The Ring of Honor. This has been a camp tradition that Sonny and Carolyn started many years ago. In case you’ve never participated in it, it is an opportunity for campers to honor one another. It starts with someone sharing about another person, then that person calls on another, and so on.

In Romans 12, Paul says “honor one another above yourselves.” And that’s what I see in the Ring of Honor. Everyone honoring and encouraging one another, it all comes full circle (which is why it’s called the Ring of Honor).

Something about the action of encouragement warms my heart, even if I’m not the one being encouraged or the one encouraging others! There is something really special about witnessing true honor and encouragement; I just listen to the kind and intentional words shared among campers and counselors and I feel joyful and uplifted in spirit.

And I’m not the only one! Meet 9-year-old Aries from Managua, Nicaragua!

Rachel shares about Ana Julia!
She says that even though she was not called up in the Ring of Honor at camp she “liked that girls were able to express their hearts to one another and that they were able to encourage one another.” I also think that being able to watch others inspires us to practice it with others outside of the Ring of Honor.

My second favorite thing about The Swamp (in this blog post, at least) is how the campers are given the opportunity to learn first hand about things like encouraging and honoring others at a young age. I just feel like that is such an important thing to learn in life, and I’m grateful that The Swamp facilitates that!

Check out this video of a special needs teacher who practices his own version of the Ring of Honor with his students every morning! What’s really cool is how his students begin to practice honoring one another on their own. It’s incredible that a cycle is created as we build one another up, and that it is something that can be shared infinitely!

Thanks for reading, guys!

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