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Seeking With Intention

Cory Cole

Let me paint a picture for you guys. You lost your car keys in a really dirty room, there's stuff all over the floor and there's food and garbage all over the table. You have no idea where you set your keys down, and there's just no hope in finding them. You could sweep and search the whole room for however long it takes. But there's kind of an ironically more efficient solution to the problem.

You turn off all the lights in the room, grab a flashlight, and spotlight search for your keys. You'd be surprised how quickly you'd find your keys like that. And the reason is that searching with a very directional and intentional light that focuses on one thing at a time. And it's because of that focus you are able to find what you're looking for.

This little story or parable or whatever you want to call it is not only accurate, but also very relatable to multiple aspects of our lives. Whether its focusing our minds on school or work, being intentional in our friendships, or working on our relationships with God. In anything we do, having direction and intentions affect the way we go about things, and consequently, can change the outcomes completely.

In James 1, the Bible talks about how those who look intently into the word and does what it says will be blessed in what they do. If you want to read your Bible with the purpose of bettering yourself and bettering your understanding of God, wouldn't you read the Bible keeping those as the focus? And when you read it, are you just going to forget what you read, or are you going to reflect on what the Bible says and do it? These may seem like obvious answers, but it's important that we ask ourselves these questions. And the same applies for other things, too.

I encourage you guys to think about the way you seek things out. Whether its pursuing a deeper relationship with God, or focusing on peace or patience or faith, we need to put focused attention on the things we are seeking. I think we'll find ourselves surprised with our discoveries.

Thanks for reading! Until next week,


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