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We have all been having an amazing time this week at camp! Sure, it has rained a bit which has altered some of the scheduled plans we had, but God definitely blessed the times it has stormed.

Last night, the older campers got to walk up with Mr. Jeff to the field to witness God's amazing light show He put on for us. Wednesday nights have always been the night of the Starlight Devotional and last night there was a fear that it would be rained out. We heard bits of thunder as we walked in the dark to the field, but we knew if it was too dangerous, we wouldn't be walking up there. We saw flashes of heat lightning which lit up the sky in the most spectacular way. Once we got to the field, we saw a stunning Blood Moon that left many of us speechless. As Mr. Jeff read from Job about the thunder and the lightning, God continued to brighten the sky with the beautiful flashes of light. What amazed me the most was when Mr. Jeff said the closing prayer, he said "amen" and we all opened our eyes to the biggest lightning bolt we had seen in the sky that night. I was left in awe. Last night was a breathtaking night under the stars.

Camp has been doing a tradition these past few years called "Secret Sisters." Each girl in Girls 8 picks a girl from Girls 1 and writes them a letter telling them that they are their big sister for the week but they have to keep their identity hidden until Friday morning. My cabin has had a blast writing letters and giving gifts to our little sisters and seeing them feel loved by girls they admire. Even though we aren't allowed to reveal ourselves until Friday, we are still allowed to play with them. I had the chance to spend the entire day with my secret sister since it was raining all day. We played Sorry which she beat me at, and we played War which she also beat me at. I taught her how to play my favorite card game, Spite and Malice, and I had a chance to get to know more about her and really build a relationship with her. I cannot wait to tell her I am her secret sister tomorrow morning; she has reminded me of the pure childlike heart that God asks us all to have.

I have had a spectacular time this week and am grateful for the opportunity to be here for the last week of camp this sumer.

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