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#tbm (Throwback Monday!)

Cory Cole

In these past four months, I have really enjoyed writing The Swamp Blog. I've loved connecting with some of you guys and sharing your stories and memories at The Swamp. And it just keeps camp on my mind every week as I write about it! Flipping through pictures weekly from the past couple summers makes me feel like I'm actually there!

10 years ago, The Swamp didn't have a blog, there weren't pictures online to share. So I think it would be pretty cool to hear some stories of The Swamp prior to the existence of the blog! Kind of a Throwback Monday!

This week, we have Stephen Goodwin! Stephen was a very familiar face at camp for years as he spent 5 or 6 summers being a part of the full-time staff. I'm sure many of my peers remember how Stephen's presence had such an impacting and awesome influence on our experience as campers. Looking back on his time as a counselor, Stephen says:

...One of Stephen's cabins in 2008...
......and one in 2011
"My favorite weeks were ones where I counseled the oldest boys and watched them bond. I remember one particular week when I co-counseled with Jesse Webb and we had a group of boys from all over the place and were all very different. Watching them bond, grow, and lead camp that week was really cool."

Though Stephen doesn't counsel anymore, he still makes an effort to come to The Swamp and stay connected to camp. At least one week during the summer, he'll come volunteer his time, usually as a member of the kitchen staff!

...Stephen as a camper! (the really tall one in the back)

WAY back in the day, Stephen's favorite memories as a camper were the cabin parties and the weekly lip syncs, which still are a big tradition of camp at The Swamp! What so many of us can forget though is that a lot of counselors were once campers and had experiences not too different from our own!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading our first #tbm (Throwback Monday) and hearing about some older Swamp experiences, I know I did! It reminds me how there are just somethings about The Swamp that are truly timeless; not just camp traditions and games, but also the memories that are created at the beautiful camp.

Thanks for reading! Until next week,


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