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I hope you're having a great start to the week. It's finally October! Speaking of October, we are officially in the same month as The Swamp's 25th Anniversary Celebration!! If you haven't registered for this awesome event yet or don't know what I'm talking about, there are details as well as a link to tickets at the bottom of this page! Go sign up!

This week I've been thinking about how many things can distract me from God. It just seems like it is human nature to put our security and emotions in something we can see and touch. Even though we know that these things won't fulfill us in the way that we want, we still end up idolizing them. I once heard a lesson where the speaker said that the first thing you think of when you start day-dreaming is your idol. That struck me so much. However, what really got to me about that was not realizing the amount of time I spent thinking about idols, but rather what it would be like if I spent that much time day-dreaming about God.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

-Proverbs 4:23

Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying that it's wrong to have passions or interests. Life would be super boring if we didn't have anything we could pour our passion and hard work into. However, this thought really made me question how much devotion, intimacy, and awe it would take to be so connected to God that He would be the first thing my mind would wander to when I started to daydream. This made me start to wonder what kind of heart God desires for us to have towards Him.

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the Lord."

-Jeremiah 29:13-14

One thing I think God always appreciates is a heart that continuously seeks Him. Much of the time I connect this scripture in Jeremiah to the initial process of seeking out God and finding Him. Recently though, I've thought about it as referring more to a continual process. God doesn't just reveal himself to us all at once, just like how in a friendship we do not reveal our total selves at once. He gradually does it more and more as we seek to know Him and find out who He is. The thought of this is insanely profound and yet cool and exciting, knowing that there is always more of God to be found.

"For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God."

-Deuteronomy 4:24

Another thing that I think God appreciates is a heart that puts no idols above Him. This scripture in Deuteronomy speaks to the nature of God's love and possessiveness over our hearts. He desires to be our number one. I also love that this scripture says God is a "consuming fire." When we think of fire, we think of a force that will not stop absorbing everything in its path until something extinguishes it. Similarly, God is not something we can have just a little of. His very being is a consuming fire, engulfing our hearts completely.

The desire God has for our hearts is amazing. When I think of how much he wants my heart, it makes me desire to be closer to Him. Of course, we can't transform our hearts automatically. Romans says to be transformed, we must renew our minds, and James says that God comes near to those who come near to Him. It is a continual process, but God makes it clear that having a heart that desires to be close to Him is something that makes him happy. A heart like that is the heart God desires.

It is OCTOBER!! That means we are LESS THAN A MONTH from The Swamp's 25th Anniversary Celebration!!!

If you haven't heard the news, camp is hosting a giant 25th birthday party in honor of 25 years of camp! The celebration will be at the Georgia Freight Depot in Atlanta on October 29th. Attendees will include international camp directors, alumni of all ages, and we hope, you! It's going to be a great time. Not to mention, we will be having a camp-style singing devotional and barbecue for lunch! Click the link below to learn more and purchase tickets.

Click Here to Register!


Also, if you are a Swamp alumni and you have a camp memory to share for an upcoming blog, send me an email at jlf36235@uga.edu !

Much Love & Respect,


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