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The Most Important Camp Swamp Photos Made in 2016

Cory Cole

Last week, I had an assignment due in my photojournalism class in which I had to write an essay on what I find to be the most important photograph ever made. Being the indecisive person I am, I knew immediately there was no way that I could ever single out one photograph to be the most important. There are so many important photos out there in the world that tell such incredible visual stories, so I just chose one that was of most importance to me. But the assignment very much reminded me of the importance of the photos made at Camp Swamp; every photograph the camp photographer takes tells a unique story, captures a special moment, documents the experiences of campers and adds to the tapestry of history that is being made at camp. And so, this week I'd like to share with you, Swamp Blog readers, what I find to be SOME of the most important photos made this year out at camp! We'd probably have to publish a whole book to share what the most important photos are and why!


This was a moment of pure joy and of sweet victory as Boys Cabin 8 celebrated their cabinmate's penalty shots in the championship hockey game of Week 5. I chose this image because I felt it captured the spirit of the camp games and activities you do as a cabin during the week. It's often times that it takes a couple of days for cabinmates to gel together, and I feel like nothing is more bonding working together in camp challenges and celebrating the victories (and the losses) together.

One of the most important aspects of camp is building relationships. And like I was saying about the first photograph, camp activities require teamwork, and they lay the foundation of new friendships. Besides the fact that they always looked like they were having the time of their lives, watching this activity was really great because it was witnessing the beauty of trust and teamwork.

It's very often at camp that you'll play a game you've never heard of because it didn't exist before some creative campers came up with it! This photo was taken at the teen retreat during a made-up game that combined baseball, icebreaker-type activities, and tackle football. This kind of silly and crazy innovation encapsulates such an essential piece of Camp Swamp culture, and the result is (again) building relationships and making special memories.

This last photo I want to share with you guys is one that I took. This is a portrait of 9-year-old Sydney Sessions during her first time as a camper at Camp Swamp. I'm sure most of you know how special this is, the fact that the granddaughter of Sonny and Carolyn Sessions, whose dream it was to run a summer camp for kids almost 25 years ago, was finally old enough to experience camp herself. I think this photograph is just a reminder of how God has truly blessed Camp Swamp and how the faith and hard work of two people has impacted children all over the world, and will continue to for generations to come.

Thanks for reading! Until next week,


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