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Cory Cole
..."Johannesburg, South Africa -- all the regions of the Joburg church had Carols2015 at Freedom Park in Pretoria: chillin', eatin', singin' Christmas carols and dancing" - Jesse McKay

Happy Monday, Swamp Blog readers!

Last week's blog was on investing our lives into things that will make a difference; this week I thought it would be cool to get a sneak peak of what our team from The Swamp has been up to in Africa!

Swamp Corps took camp culture to South Africa starting back in 2011, and now four years later, camp training is taking place in both Kenya and Zimbabwe! It is incredible the way God has moved to make this possible! Here is a message from Jesse McKay about their experience in Kenya two weeks ago:

"Kenya was crazy! We had a camp retreat for two and a half days. This was the first time the Kenyans had a camp with counselors so it was a new thing for everyone! That brought its challenges, but even in such a short time, camp still happened! At first the campers were timid and held back but by the end of the camp they were having fun and didn't want to leave!

...What's camp without some dodgeball...
......or marker makeovers!
... Kenyan camp directors Amos and Kiki (and their daughter Nina)!
"The singing devotional was AMAZING! The kids held nothing back and we sang and danced and praised God in such a great way! Amos and Kiki, the camp directors in Kenya, loved seeing camp happen in their country and I know they're excited for an official Swamp Corps trip to have a lot of Americans help bring camp!"

Definitely encouraging to hear from Jesse and how him and the team have been able to be a part of the camp experience in Kenya! Last week they were in Zimbabwe for ZimCamp, and I look forward to hearing about the stories and special moments there as well!

Coming up in just 18 days, a Swamp Corps team will be headed to Managua, Nicaragua for their inaugural year of camp! All of us going on the trip are getting more and more excited by the hour! Around 100 kids in Central America are signed up to be at camp for the week, which is really awesome! Definitely keep this trip in your prayers, as well as the team headed back from Africa!

Don't forget it isn't too late to sign up for the 2015 Holidays at The Swamp! From December 30th - January 2nd, students between 7th and 12th grade come celebrate the New Year at The Swamp. Parents, sending your kids to H@TS definitely makes for a fulfilling and special Christmas present ;)

Until next week,


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