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Three Essentials to Trusting in God

Cory Cole

I’m reading a book right now called The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others, and the couple of chapters I’ve read this week are about various people’s stories in the Bible where trusting God triumphed over everything that stopped them from doing so, whether it was fear, insecurity, reputation, etc… In these stories, one truth really stood out to me:

God’s thoughts of me are greater than what I think of myself or what others think of me.

This simple truth speaks a lot. It is a truth that if we all adopt into our lives, we can actually be who God has intended for us to be. He knows us better than anyone, He knows the deep caverns in our hearts, He knows our points of weakness and strength. And in knowing that, we know that we can trust him and He will not disappoint us!

I loved spending the summer at The Swamp because I learned so much about trusting God, but it gets challenging to find ways to practice this in my life. Submitting to God, it’s a lot easier said than done. So here are three essential ways that can get us to trust God in our daily lives!


Prayer is such an incredibly important part of having a relationship with God, especially when it comes to trusting in him. We have to be able to go to him to cast our anxieties and open our hearts to God! Click here to read the blog post from last month about the power of prayer.


Our minds are very powerful. It is scary how powerful negative thoughts can be, but wonderful how powerful positive thoughts can also be. Simply filling our thoughts with God will remind us of him and help us trust him. Whether its expressing gratitude to ourselves, or seeing God in everything and in nature, or reflecting on his goodness, we are submitting to him.
... the Starlight Devo in Nicaragua!

In Philippians 4, Paul writes that if anything is praiseworthy, or excellent, or admirable to think of such things. Doing so brings us the beautiful peace of God, which transcends all understanding, and guards our hearts and mind. How amazing is that?!


This week at our campus midweek, we took a moment as a ministry during our worship service to reflect on why we worship. Some answers that went around the room were about taking time out of the busyness of life to praise God and rejoice in him, to humble ourselves before him, to put ourselves in our place before him. I appreciated that time of reflection because I realized how important it is to spend time to worship God. It is something that requires vulnerability and selflessness, which is why it is so important when it comes to trusting in God.

Trusting in God truly does triumph anything that hinders us. I’m so grateful that The Swamp facilitates us to adopt that into our lives. Let’s hear from Mychaela Williams and how the camp theme of REAL has helped her trust in God in her daily life:

...Mychaela spent last summer as a full-time counselor!
“It taught me to trust that God made me what is perfect to him, and that he will be with me and direct me. So I don’t have to rely on myself and be insecure about what I’m doing or where I stand, but I can know and trust that God is working in everything.”

Thanks for sharing Mychaela! It is incredible how God works in all of our lives, and how simply submitting to that truth will bring us peace.

In case you haven’t seen, the 2016 dates and fees for Summer Camp at The Swamp are now posted! Grab your calendars and plan out which week you’re coming! I can’t wait to see what campers (and counselors) will learn this summer!

Thanks for reading! Until next week,


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