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Cory Cole

Hello Swamp Blog readers!

Last week, I was reminiscing with a friend I made at camp the summer of 2015. Talking to my friend, we were remembering how much fun we had on the full-time staff that summer, the friendship we had built with one another, but also with so many other counselors that summer.

Thinking back to that summer brings me so much warmth because I'm reminded of how that was probably one of the best summers of my life. I think of the joy I felt back then, the laughter I shared with campers, counselors, and camp directors from abroad!

The lessons I learned, the prayers that I prayed, the deep conversations I had... I'm probably going to remember those for the rest of my life.

...Full-time staff of 2015; I'm in the back, but my face is partially blocked by Cade's hand.

The reason I mention this is because in the past two months, school and work have really kept me busy. And I don't particularly enjoy that feeling; the stress I feel from completing tasks stems from my desire to please others, to prove that I am capable, and to look like I have it all together. To me, that is not good. Because when I'm stressing about these very momentary issue or tasks at hand, I feel like I'm trying to convince myself that these are the things that will matter in 10 years. Obviously, I need to do well in school to succeed and have a future, I need to write the essays and finish projects and do them well. But really though, will worrying about these things actually matter even 6 months from now? Not particularly.

What will matter 6 months from now, a year from now, 10 years from now, at the end of my lifetime, are the lasting memories, the special experiences and important choices I make today. Those memories I made at camp two summers ago have shaped my character, strengthened my faith in God, bonded my heart to working with youth, and laid foundations for incredible relationships.

Colossians 3:2 says to "set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." Some insight I've gained recently tells me that what this scripture means is that we are expected to live our daily lives doing things WITH God. By that I mean we should be living our lives with him on our minds throughout our days, and worshipping him in everything that we do (not just on Sundays).


Take everyday for what it is, but look for the opportunity to make everlasting memories with God on your mind. Those moments, those conversations, those decisions, that is what will matter down the line. Thanks for reading!

Until next week,


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