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Hey Swamp Bloggers!

Hope you've had a wonderful week. This week I'm coming at you with 10 Reasons to come to H@TS. H@TS, or Holidays at the Swamp, is an awesome New Years Celebration for 7th-12th graders held December 29th-January 1st at the Swamp. It'll be a really fun way to bring in 2018! So, here are 10 reasons you should consider going!

1) You'll have time to reunite with friends from all over the Southeast.

2) You get to start the year in a safe and fun environment.

3) There's tons of free time to chill, spend quality time with old friends, and make new friends.

4) There's a super awesome dance party on New Year's Eve!

5) You get to dress up and eat good food for New Year's Eve dinner.

6) You can choose from several different devotionals to help fuel yourself spiritually for the upcoming year.

7) It'll give you the extra encouragement you need for the next semester before Summer camp.

8) You'll be with all older kids.

9) You'll get to play some really fun games and activities.

10) You can watch the ball drop with your friends.

Sound like a lot of fun? Sign up HERE!

Comment down below your favorite thing about H@TS!!

Until Next Week!

Much Love & Respect, Julie

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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