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What Do You Value Most?

Cory Cole


Values. The driving forces behind our actions. Our tools for navigating through our most difficult situations. Ultimately, the things in life that we hold to the utmost importance. I've been thinking a lot lately about what value means to me, what I value and why, and how my values shape my life and decisions.

I'm currently participating in a leadership development program, and we spent time discussing this topic of "competing values," how sometimes the things that we value sometimes can contradict each other. This statement specifically struck me and has left me in introspective thought since:

"We have all the time in the world for the things we value most."

I began to look at how I spend my time. Who I spend my time with. How I spend my money. How I fill my calendar. And I've learned two things about myself in this reflection; 1.) I probably value eating food more than I should 2.) I value what others think of me, and that can be good and it can also be bad. When I look at my work ethic, I strive to make a good impression by completing tasks based on expectations of others. When faced with tough dilemmas, a huge factor for me is what will others think of me based on my decisions. I'll confess that I tend to prioritize others' view of me over my own well-being; that's where my values can go wrong. But I think at the core of my values is doing good. That's important to me, and it's what guides my life.


I think of the core values of Camp Swamp. If you haven't read this list before, I highly recommend clicking here to read the Top Ten Values of Camp. Now reading and understanding these values, I can see how they are exemplified in every aspect of Camp Swamp culture. From playing dodgeball, to serving in the kitchen, to leading singing devotionals, to camp-wide activities, these values are found at the core. And in doing so, we all connect to one another as we live out the values ingrained the camp culture together.


Thank you for reading! I challenge you guys to really reflect on how you spend your time and consider this question, what do you value most? And in case you haven't heard, registration for summer camp sessions (including Family Camp) is open, click here to sign up for your 2017 camp sessions!

In other news, we are on a campaign to help Camp Swamp sleep better! Click here to read about our efforts to buy 172 new mattresses for camp! So far we've had $7,000 donated, help us reach our goal of $20,000 by donating today!

Until next week,


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