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Why Play Is Essential For Your Child

Cory Cole

... Several studies about the importance of play have been done by professionals in child development, and they often come to the same conclusions. Play is essential at a young age to healthy development, emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually! It is also one of the core values of The Swamp. Not only do camp activities develop team building and relationships, they are really fun! If it is not fun, no one would want to come back! So the camp staff works very hard to facilitate fun and play for everyone! Between Tuesday night field games, Friday night lip syncs, arts & crafts, and cabin challenges, fun is found around all around camp!

The Swamp tries to live out the words of our friend Dr. Seuss, "Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one."

Here is a list of responses to what people find the most fun at camp:

"Camp-wide capture the flag!"

"...and Just Dance!"

"Dodgeball :)"


"Lip syncs"


"Time with counselors"

"Being together and having a good time!"

"dancing during mealtimes!"

"Playing ultimate frisbee!"

If that isn't convincing enough to attend The Swamp this summer, I don't know what is! Click here to register and pick which week you'd like to send your child to have their time of their life and understand why we love dodgeball so much! Week 1 is just 47 days away, get excited!

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